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wood pellets в Ассене

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Wood pellets
120 €/т CIF
Salaman co plc, GP, US
Variety: Royal Gala Apple and Fuji Apple -Flavor:Smooth skin with light red color, high sugar with sweet -taste, very firm and juicy. -Size:...
В радиусе 190 км от Ассена
Wood pellets A1 En Plus light
115 €/шт FCA
Макаев К.О., ФЛП, UA, 131 км +5 объявлений
Wood pellets A1 En Plus light Packaging - 15 kg bags and big bags Ash content - up to 0.7% Humidity - 7% Certificate of Quality - En Plus
Wood pellets A1
95 €/т FCA
Макаев К.О., ФЛП, UA, 131 км +5 объявлений
We offer wood pellets from the factory Plant productivity - 500 tons per month Composition - 100% pine Wood pellets A1 Color - light Ash content -...
Wood pellets ENplus A1
145 €/т
WoodPellets, ООО, RU, 131 км
Premium quality wood pellets EN plus A1 * Diameter (mm): 6mm – 8mm * Ash (%): < 0,7 * Moisture (%): < 10 * Length (mm): 3,15 < L < 40 * The heat...
Цена по запросу
Био-Юник, ООО, UA, 131 км
WOOD and Husk Sunflower Pellets/Briquettes "Bio-Unique" Ltd the Ukrainian company dealing with biofuel market and building relationships with...
Wood pellets ENplus A1
295 €/т DAT  
Оптовая цена
255 - 265 €/т
Northway Baltic, SIA, LV, 131 км
Premium wood pellets EnPlusA1 certificate 15 kg bags 70 bags on one pallet Minimum order one truck=21...
6mm Wood Pellet for Export
Цена по запросу
AVCN AS, PAO, RU, 131 км +1 объявление
Wood pellet Diameter 6 -8mm Density >1100kg/m3 Moisture content 6% Ash content 0,48% Sulfur content <0.01 Caloric value 4342- 5016...
Premium wood pellets for heating and fuel
180 €/т
Global trading ltd, GmbH, DE, 184 км
Premium quality wood pellets for heating and fuel, best price Our premium wood pellets are made from 100% natural, recycled, renewable sawmill...
Industrial Quality Wood Pellets
Оптовая цена
110 - 140 €/т
SPLG, ООО, RU, 184 км
TikhvinPellets Group is a manufacturer of FSC certified wood pellets for industrial consumer in accordance with the quality requirements EN +...
Wood pellets
Цена по запросу
Ситников И.В., ИП, RU, 131 км +3 объявления
We glad to introduce you our new product! If you already know the quality of our RUF briquette, you will not be disappointed in our pellets, and...
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wood pellets
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